Human Resources

Hospitality is about experience.And experiences are created by people.

HoReCa is all about people. People will make or break your experience at restaurant. It is the waiter, who makes you feel welcome (or not), and it is the food, which is prepared with the right attitude (or not). HoReCa is all about experiences created by people.

Why Us

We are a group of professionals in business management, the food industry and advisory services, who have put their heads and hearts together to provide services that help the food industry evolve naturally!

Our chef-business-management experience combo allows to offer valuable professional advice for all levels of HoReCa staffing issues that you might face. We have already several years of experience behind us and many more ahead. We like the recruitment game, because we are unbeatable.

Join us and let's ELEVATE Your business together.


Ivars Zabirko, chef

I love working with these guys. I get to work in exciting places and meet fantastic people, never having to worry about daily issues. All is taken care of.